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Last update : 25/04/2007

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98/37/EC Machinery    
Last update : Unknown (Notifications pre-dating 2006 are not available in these lists)
Products Procedures Articles/Annexes
Circular saws (single- or multiblade) for working with wood and analogous materials or for working with meat and analogous materials : (section A1 of annex IV)
   - sawing machines with fixed tool during operation, having a fixed bed with manual feed of the workpiece or with a demountable power feed
   - sawing machines with fixed tool during operation, having a manually operated reciprocating saw-bench or carriage
   - sawing machines with fixed tool during operation, having a built-in mechanical feed device for the workpieces, with manual loading and/or unloading
   - sawing machines with movable tool during operation, with a mechanical feed device and manual loading and/or unloading
Portable chainsaws for woodworking (section A8 of annex IV)
Vehicles servicing lifts (section A15 of annex IV)
Devices for the lifting of persons involving a risk of falling from a vertical height of more than 3 metres (section A16 of annex IV)
EC type-examination
Certification of adequacy for the technical file
Receipt of technical file
Annex VI Art.8, 2(b) and 2c, 3rd indent
Annex VI Art.8, 2(c), 2nd indent
Annex VI Art.8, 2(c), 1st indent