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Notifying Authority

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  Organisation details:

Internal Market Department Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia
Harju 11
15072 Tallinn
Country : Estonia

Phone :
Fax : +372 6313 660

Email :
Website :

Legislation : 89/686/EEC; 90/385/EEC; 92/42/EEC; 93/15/EEC; 93/42/EEC; 94/9/EC; 94/25/EC; 95/16/EC; 96/98/EC; 97/23/EC; 98/79/EC; 99/5/EC; 2000/9/EC; 2000/14/EC; 2004/22/EC; 2004/108/EC; 2006/42/EC; 2006/95/EC; 2008/57/EC; 2009/23/EC (ex-90/384/EEC); 2009/48/EC; 2009/105/EC; 2009/142/EC; 2010/35/EU; Regulation (EU) 305/2011;

Notification procedures :
TSD notification procedures 2012_EE.pdf