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Where are we with new partnership for EU industry?

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Following the creation of its blueprint for raising industry’s contribution to EU GDP from 16 % to 20 % by 2020, the European Commission will host a conference on Industrial Policy on 6 June in Brussels. By bringing together political leaders, business people and industry experts, the conference will focus on progress made so far, as well as further action that can bring immediate benefits to help restore industrial growth.

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and Vice-President Antonio Tajani will host a conference on Industrial Policy in Brussels. The 6 June conference will take place only a few days after the European Commission publishes its 2013 economic recommendations for all EU Members States, which will be released on 28 May.

The event will highlight that creating more industry brings more jobs.

In a period of record unemployment in Europe, putting industry back at the core of European policies is an inescapable obligation. To date, none of the five largest EU economies have reached their pre-crisis level of manufacturing output. Germany is close, but manufacturing industries in the other large economies still have a long way to go. Manufacturing recovery is stronger than GDP recovery in the Baltics, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

The conference will bring together 400 top political leaders, business people and industry experts to discuss how we can work together in the spirit of partnership to ensure the Commission’s new Industrial Policy will bring growth back to Europe. Special attention will be paid to access to finance.


European Industrial Policy: A Partnership for Growth
6 June 2013, Brussels

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