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The Enterprise & Industry online magazine provides regular updates on policy development, on legislative proposals and their passage to adoption, and on the implementation and review of regulation affecting enterprises. Articles cover issues related to SMEs, innovation, entrepreneurship, the single market for goods, competitiveness and environmental protection, better regulation, industrial policies across a wide range of sectors, and more.

Enterprises of all sizes across the European Union are the basis of our economic prosperity, and of the quality of life of all European citizens. That is why the EU places so much importance on ensuring that enterprises benefit from a favourable economic climate, so they are able to grow and create new, better jobs for our citizens. The Union also develops specific, tailored policies to enable individual industrial sectors to compete strongly in the global economy, and where necessary to adapt their business models. The European Commission's Enterprise and Industry DG takes the lead in developing and implementing policy in this field, working closely with national and regional authorities, and industry itself.

The on-line magazine is complemented by a regular printed version, which is published three times year. You can subscribe to receive the magazine - in English, French, German or Italian - free of charge by post.

The magazine is financed under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme which aims to encourage the competitiveness of European enterprises

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