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European SME Week

Want to take part? Organise an event

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What will you have to do?

Launch events and activities that:

  • promote entrepreneurship (both new and existing entrepreneurs)
  • inform businesses about the support available (European, national, regional and local) to help them reach their full potential.


Through conferences, competitions, exhibitions, company open days - or any other means of attracting an audience interested in micro, small and medium-sized firms.

On which subjects?

Anything essential to running small/medium businesses, depending on your expertise or experience: start-ups, corporate social responsibility, tax and legal issues, female entrepreneurship, social economy, etc.

More possible subjects


Events can be:

  • national, regional, local or even cross-border
  • "European" – organised either by European-level (business) organisations and institutions or by national/regional representations in Brussels. Or events with a strong European dimension held in one of the 37 participating countries.
  • international – involving countries other than the 37 participating countries.

Deadline for registration – 1 calendar month before the event is scheduled to take place.

If your event meets the general objectives of European SME Week, it will be approved by your country's national coordinator(s), or by the European Commission if it is a European event.

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