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  • “J'ai constaté une réelle atmosphère de catalyse durant la mission de l'Union européenne. Le processus de signature du contrat avec le Groupe OCP a été accéléré de plusieurs mois".

    "Les retombées de la mission pour Prayon sont doubles puisque j'y allais aussi en tant que président de Greenwin, le pôle de compétitivité wallon dédié aux technologies environnementales".

    Mission for Growth to Morocco

    Yves Caprara, CEO of Prayon (Chemicals), Belgium

  • "We signed two partnership agreements with Safran Group and Airbus. With Airbus it refers to the purchase of 10 planes (Model A320). It is a long term contract of more than 480 million of Euro covering the period 2015-2020".

    Mission for Growth to Tunisia

    Mohamed Frikha, CEO of Syphax Airlines, Tunisia
    Jean-Jacques Van Der Slikke, International Director, VP North Africa, Middle East (Space, Defence, Aeronautic), France

  • "The Mission for Growth to Israel has been useful.Indeed, it gave not only the opportunity to meet Israeli high-tech companies but also to be part of the overall EU effort to establish new business opportunities and new relationships".

    Mission for Growth to Israel

    Cristiano Calligaro, CEO for Redcat Devices SRL (Space, Defence, Aeronautic) Italy

  • "Our participation in the Mission for Growth in Morocco and Tunisia was very fruitful. The main value-added of being part of an EU delegation was the direct contact with local institutions at the highest level. For Italian companies, Morocco and Tunisia are important partners for trade and investments, and the opportunity to present ourselves as part of the European Economic system increases our standing in the eyes of our local partners".

    Mission for Growth to Morocco and Tunisia

    David Doninotti, Secretary General of the Italian Association of foreign Trade (AICE), (Promotion-Representation-Advocacy), Italy

  • "This hugely important event made it possible for us to discuss business ventures with major companies and entrepreneurs in the European, Russian and CIS markets. It also helped us to get a better understanding of the potential in the global arena. The Mission for Growth gave us unique networking opportunities with important political decision makers and local authorities. We also got the chance to promote the Italian fashion industry in targeted sectors via matchmaking events with local Russian entrepreneurs. We are very thankful to the European Commission and Mr. Tajani for this event. ".

    Mission for Growth to Russia

    Lauro Degliesposti, CEO of Match Italia International, Le fate (Textiles, Apparel, Clothing), Italy

  • "Je suis épuisé. Mais c'était intéressant parce que nous avons pu faire presque le tour de la Chine en un seul jour. Il y avait de tout, des représentants d'entreprises, de parcs industriels, de municipalités, des provinces... Nous nous sommes rendus compte qu'une entreprise comme la nôtre est extrêmement recherchée ici".

    Mission for Growth to China

    Mr Denis Simonneau, Member of the Executive Committee in charge of European and International Relations, GDF SUEZ (Electricity, Natural Gas, Services), France

  • "Through the program’s Eco Forum, I learned a great deal about China: its state of the art infrastructure and its needs for the future. Outside the mega cities, China’s decentralisation happens on a small scale, meaning that there is strong potential for collaboration with SMEs rather than using the large-scale solutions imposed by big companies.

    Mission for Growth to China

    Stefan Petters, CEO of GUO (Consultancy), Austria, Business Development Consult (Austria)

  • "It was very important to gain experience in dealing with businessmen in the Russian market.. The Mission for Growth has created the basis for our ultimate goal: to sell our products with a distributor in Russia.”

    Mission for Growth to Russia

    Detlef Steiert, Sales Manager of SICC GmbH, ThermoShield Europe (Energy), Germany

  • "The Mission for Growth represented a great opportunity to make contacts with companies, in particular SMEs that want to increase their investments in Latin America".

    Mission for Growth to Mexico and Colombia

    Valerio Valla, CEO of Studio Valla European Consulting (Consultancy), Italy

  • “During this trip we not only expanded our contact base in the Russian Federation but also met several similar European companies with which we intend to participate in larger projects together.

    Mission for Growth to Russia

    Ionna Elliot Trofimova, General Director of Oryx Business Intelligence (Consultancy), Lithuania

  • "It was an enriching event and proved to be an important platform for exchange of experience and ideas. In particular I want to thank you for giving me the chance to speak on numerous occasions with high representatives of Vietnamese politics and business. For Metro Group, Vietnam is an important business partner both for our operations there as well as for export matters. We completely support your commitment for innovation and sustainable growth, which you pointed out as one of the main objectives of the Mission for Growth. ".

    Mission for Growth to Vietnam

    Michael Wiedmann, Senior Vice President, Group Director Public Policy METRO Group (Retail), Germany

  • "The Mission allowed us to meet with high ranking officials in the target countries visited, to receive useful information about the countries’ political and economic situation, to meet with industry leaders and to meet target institutions proposed by us, something that would obviously have been more difficult or even not possible should GMV had gone on its own. We also managed to forge some good relations among the members of the business community accompanying the mission".

    "The Mission for Growth initiative from the DG of Enterprise and Industry is an excellent one and transmits a powerful message on Europe’s potential and capabilities to the international community.".

    "From GMV, we would like to congratulate VP Antonio Tajani on this Mission for Growth initiative, and look forward to contribute in future opportunities".

    Mission for Growth to Mexico and Colombia

    Pedro J. Schoch, Director New Markets and Institutional Relations of GMV (Consultancy), Spain

  • "We found the meetings in Washington DC and New York extremely useful. It became clear that the issues we are dealing with in Europe are very similar at the other side of the Atlantic: in the end it boils down to the fact that we all need to find effective ways for the growth of our economies.

    Mission for Growth to the United States of America

    Dörte Höppner (Secretary General) and Karsten Langer (Chairman), European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (EVCA) (Promotion-Representation-Advocacy)

  • "Both the presentations as well as the b2b meetings were very interesting for us while we all identified the great potential of dealing with the local fast-growing market. The mission reinforced our strong belief in the great potential of the Thai and Vietnamese markets, and introduced us to some very important contacts both from EU and ASEAN sides".

    Mission for Growth to Thailand

    Stratis Voursoukis, Director Asia-Pacific, Argo Travel Group (Tourism), Greece

  • "It was a great success for all of us, but in particular we were very happy to participate in this mission as Myanmar opens its borders for foreign investments. As you know, HEINEKEN has decided to invest in a new brewery in Myanmar which is a very exciting venture. We also discussed about the opportunity to set up an Advisory Board composed of EU and local companies. The Board will advise the government from Myanmar on business environment issues".

    Mission for Growth to Myanmar

    Roland Verstappen, Chairman of the International Relations Committee for Business Europe/Heineken (Promotion-Representation-Advocacy), EU

  • "Mission for Growth is an excellent tool for improving business and institutional relation in distant countries, and helps to establish channels of communication between the industries and the European Commission".

    Mission for Growth to Myanmar

    Davide Cucino, Head of Region, China and emerging Asian countries, Finmeccanica (Space, Defence and Aeronautics), Italy

  • "It has been really interesting to participate on the mission for growth in ASEAN: top level business and political-institutional contact, useful for my future business development in this area".

    Mission for Growth to Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand

    Pietro Bellotti, Member of the Board for Federlegnoarredo (Promotion-Representation-Advocacy), Italy

  • "A remarkable opportunity to learn about Countries and meet people in a bespoke context difficult to create otherwise. In just a few days we gathered valuable and influential information to support the Company's knowledge of complex Countries in transformation".

    Mission for Growth to Vietnam and Myanmar

    Dominique Crappier, Volvo Car Group, Director Business Development, Private Importers Region (Automotive), Sweden

  • "The purpose of my visit in these countries was to identify the potential of obtaining contracts in Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand and to get information about these markets. Thanks to interesting and high level meetings my expectations were fully met".

    Mission for Growth to Vietnam and Thailand

    Robert Dudek, President for Geotronics Polska Sp. z.o.o. (Services Sector), Poland

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