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Statistics up to September 2013

Statistics up to September 2013

With the Missions for Growth 2011-2013 we have accomplished, up to September 2013 (not counting yet the mission to Israel or the combined Mission to Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand of October/November 2013), the following:

  1. The organisation of 8 Missions by VP Tajani to 13 different countries, in particular the following countries: Brazil; Argentina and Uruguay; US, Mexico and Colombia; Egypt; Morocco and Tunisia; Chile and Peru; Russia; China.
  2. The organisation of 2 follow up Missions by DG Calleja to 5 different countries, in the following order: Brazil, Chile and Uruguay; Mexico and Colombia.
  3. We have mobilised, as of September 2013, 607 participants from 425 companies/business associations from 26 Member States.
  4. As regard the geographic distribution of the representatives, Spain and Italy are best represented with 19 % (80 participants) and 18 % (76 participants) respectively, followed by Germany (10 %, 42 participants) and the United Kingdom (9 %, 39 participants).
  5. Almost half of the companies are big enterprises (47 %), followed by SME's (31%). Business associations participate actively in the Missions for Growth, and make up 20 % of the overall business delegations: this comprises European business umbrella associations as Business Europe, Eurochambres, UEAPME and others (2%) , EU associations representing industrial sectors as construction, engineering, tourism etc. (6%) and business associations and chambers of commerce operating at national level or, in some of the bigger/ federal countries, regional level (in total 12%).
  6. Construction, transports and real estate is the manufacturing sector best represented on the Missions (12 %), followed by the energy and renewable energy sector (7%) and key enabling technologies and ICT (4 %). Tourism represents 10 % of the overall business delegation, whereas many participants are active in research & advisory activities and consultancy (20%).

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