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Missions for Growth in Middle East

Mission for Growth to Israel, 21-23 Ocober 2013

The European Union and Israel share a long common history, marked by growing interdependence and cooperation. Both share the same values of democracy, a respect for freedom and rule of law and are committed to an open international economic system based on market principles. Israeli political, industrial, commercial and scientific leaders maintain close links to Europe. Over five decades of trade, cultural exchanges, political cooperation and a developed system of agreements have reinforced these relations.

Strengthening already amicable business relations and exploring further opportunities for European SMEs on the Israeli market were the focal points of the visit of Vice-President Antonio Tajani, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship from to Israel 21st to 23rd, October 2013.

Business delegation profile

67 companies and business federations

43 SMEs

From 17 EU Member States

€ 19 billion combined turnover

390.000 combined employees

5 million companies represented

20 million companies represented

The EU is Israel's first trading partner with total trade amounting to € 29.6 billion in 2012, confirming a positive trend after the 2009 fall due to the global economic crisis. Israel is also an important trading partner for the EU, especially in the Mediterranean area.

The Mission’s overall objective was to enhance the EU industry’s growth and competitiveness by better exploring business opportunities in industrial sectors especially in the areas of innovative and environmental technologies, information and communication technology, machinery, tourism and space. The Mission was held under the umbrella of the Water & Technology Conference in Tel Aviv where VP Tajani gave the Keynote Speech.

The Vice President was accompanied by 67 companies and business federations from 17 EU Member States. The Vice-President’s goal with this Mission was to help these entrepreneurs form new partnerships and expand into new markets, especially in the areas of innovative and environmental technologies, information and communication technology, machinery, and space.

The Mission meant a huge opportunity for many EU Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), who represented 65% of the EU Business Delegation, to enter the Israeli market. This visit was part of the "Missions for Growth" to help European enterprises, in particular small and medium sized businesses better profit from fast growing international markets. 

VP Antonio Tajani with President Shimon PeresThe overall objective of this Mission was to enhance European industry’s growth and competitiveness by better exploring the growth potential of Israel's dynamic economy. This was also the main subject of the discussion at the meeting of President Peres and Vice-President Tajani.
Relying on mutual strengths
Israel is one of the most competitive economies in the world, and like the EU, one of its main strengths is its world-class capacity for innovation. Therefore, Israel and the EU have a strong mutual interest in increasing bilateral business relations and market integration to further promote innovation, boost sustainable growth and create jobs. The Mission for Growth to Israel targeted numerous industry sectors, such as space technologies; information and communication technology and tourism; however, innovative and environmental technologies were also key topics on the agenda.

More cooperation on industrial policy, innovation, tourism, and space  Family Photo with Minister Bennett at the Business Roundtable
Vice-President Tajani met Mr. Naftali Bennett, Israel's Minister of Economy to discuss how to further develop cooperation in industrial policy and innovation. To put more emphasis on these subjects, the two ministers signed a letter of intent on industrial policy cooperation, which aims to deepen industrial cooperation between the EU and Israel as well as identify new priorities. Moreover, it also intends to establish a dynamic and integrated approach to managing cooperation in order to create a favourable environment which will serve mutual business interests.

Moreover, the Vice-President met Mr. Uzi Landau, Minister of Tourism to discuss cooperation in the field of tourism and the implementation of the EU-Israeli Joint Declaration signed in 2011 in the area of tourism.

Furthermore, he held a meeting with Mr. Yaakov Perry, Minister of Science, Technology and Space to discuss cooperation in the field of space. At this meeting, an administrative arrangement on cooperation in the domain of satellite navigation systems was signed.      

  Meeting with Uzi Landau, Minister of Tourism      Meeting with Yaacov Perry, Minister of Space 
Meeting with Uzi Landau, Minister of TourismMeeting with Yaacov Perry, Minister of Space

 As the Vice-President's visit coincided with the Water Technology and Environment Control Conference in Tel Aviv, green and sustainable growth was one of the most important topics on the agenda. He exchanged views on boosting green and sustainable growth both in Israel and in the EU with the Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Mr. Silvan Shalom. There is great potential for cooperation in this area because Israel resides in an area suffering from a shortage of water, which has inspired local entrepreneurs to come up with many novel innovations in water and agricultural technologies.

Helping EU companies and in particular SMEs to operate in Israel
Israel's economy relies heavily on its SME sector to provide growth and jobs, just like those of the EU countries. In terms of the size-class breakdown, the Israeli SME sector largely reflects that of the EU average, with micro and small enterprises accounting for more than nine out of every ten enterprises.
At the meeting with the Minister of Economy, Vice-President Tajani promoted cooperation and mutual understanding in SME policy. The ultimate objective of this discussion was to reduce costs for companies and increase productivity for businesses on both sides.
Minister Bennett and Vice-President Tajani also signed a letter of intent on SME cooperation in order to create a more business-friendly environment conducive to investments. On the basis of this letter both sides could make further efforts to improve the framework conditions of SMEs by reducing the administrative burden and increasing access to finance.

Promoting EU-Israel business contacts and opportunities
A match-making event with local entrepreneurs took place on 22 October 2013, in particular for companies operating in the sectors of environmental technologies, key enabling technologies, machinery and machine tools, information and communication technology, raw materials and space technologies. This event was organised with the help of the Enterprise Europe Network - the world's largest business support network, providing free basic service to SME clients to support their expansion into new markets and to improve their competitive position. The Enterprise Europe Network has three partner organisations in Israel.
Last but not least, a visit to the Caesaria Industrial Park was very informative and successful in creating new business opportunities for EU companies in Israel, especially in the area of medical devices.


18 October - Tel Aviv

  • Reception at the Residence of the EU Ambassador with Ambassadors of EU Member States.

22 October – Tel Aviv

  • EU-Israel Business Roundtable, jointly opened by Vice-President Tajani and Minister of Economy, Mr. Naftali Bennett.
  • Keynote Speech at WATEC by Vice-President Tajani.
  • B2B Matchmaking event organised by Enterprise Europe Network.

23 October – Tel Aviv

  • Visit to Caesaria Industrial and Business Park.

Photo gallery from the Mission

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