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EUROPE 2020 Strategy for Growth - Promoting Business Partnerships in Greece

SMEs in Greece have faced many challenges in the past few years.

However, recent efforts implemented by the Greek government are starting to have positive effects on enterprises and as a consequence on the overall conditions of the economy.


The 11 March 2013 Conference was a high profile event that attracted much media interest thanks to the presence of the VP Tajani, the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and Ministers Hatzidakis, Tsaftaris and Skordas.  More than 500 stakeholders attend the event.

Antonio Tajani and Athanasios Tsaftaris

The speech of VP Tajani was particularly well-received by the press. A political commitment was made that the business-to-business initiative will be followed up at operational level, with more sector-specific events. The national television channels and almost all national newspapers had covered the event with relevant articles and reportages.

The panel discussions focused on the 3 SBA pillars, ie:

  • the state of play and the perspectives regarding access to finance;
  • reforms of the business environment and;
  • SME internationalisation.

B2B Networking Event - Promoting Business Partnerships in Greece

The B2B event that took place on 12 March 2013 attracted more than 418 Greek and 144 foreign enterprises coming from 27 European and third countries. More than 1300 bilateral meetings between companies took place through the matching platform of the Enterprise Europe Network.  The countries with the highest representation of companies are Germany, Italy and Belgium., Cyprus and the UK. The meetings started early in the morning and went on well late in the afternoon with a continuous flow of business people arriving and holding meeting with potential business partners during the day. The participants expressed their appreciation for the concrete, down-to-business nature of the initiative and their wish to see it repeated focusing on specific business areas each time. Although it is early to have concrete results of this B2B event, many participants already informed the Commission of companies' intentions to have business deals and partnerships. In the margins of the main a workshop devoted to the clusters active in Greece and related policy initiatives was also organised. It was the first concrete effort to introduce commercialisation of the clusters notion to the Greek market.

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11/03/2013 - 12/03/2013


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