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Mission for Growth to China - registration form


Please propose a reference number that will be used by DG Enterprise and Industry to register your company in our database. Reference number should consist of five letters and five numbers, for example: "examp12345", "steel5436" etc. This reference will be your personal identification number.

If you registered for a previous Mission for Growth and already have the reference number you can use a simplified registration form.


Contact person (who will liaise with the European Commission):

Company data:

Delegates for the Mission

Below please list the persons you are proposing for participation at the Mission. The principle is that companies represented by either CEO or General Manager receive precedence if a selection of companies is necessary for capacity reasons. A local representative of the company in the country concerned can be listed as a second, accompanying person.

Contact details of the Participant (please provide all information requested in the items):

Contact details of the local representative in the visited country (please provide all information requested in the items) - this item is optional:

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