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Regional scorecards

Regional scorecards

The European Service Innovation Scoreboard consists of more than 270 individual scorecards at regional level and almost 15 individual scorecards at national level. The scorecards cover 28 EU Member States as well as Iceland, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey. Each regional overview (to be found below) consists of three ESIC scorecards (the group of indicators) each serving a different objective.

The first set of indicators measures the importance of service innovation in a region. The set is directly linked to the conceptual model measuring the transformative capacity of services innovation. The indicators are presented in a way similar to the Innovation Union Scoreboard with indicators grouped into 5 dimensions measuring framework conditions, service innovation and its outcomes. The interpretation here is that higher scores indicate better performance.

The second set consists of structural indicators that can be used as a tool in regional policy making. This set takes a broader approach and focuses on more general dimensions relevant for measuring entrepreneurial, high-tech and business activities in a region. As these more general dimensions also include service innovation activities, there is a small overlap between the first and second set of indicators, but this enables exploiting individual, but complete sets of indicators with respect to the specific focus of the user.

The third set of indicators provides a summary of the economic performance of a region capturing the overall results of policies, innovation and business activities in a region.

In the regional scorecards you will find spider diagram graphs showing the performance across the different dimensions compared to the average performance of the EU and data tables showing the absolute and relative performance for each of the indicators for the region, its country and the EU. Relative performance is measured on a scale from 0 to 1 taking into account the performance of the best (1) and worst (0) performing region.

To obtain a regional scorecard, please first select a country with the filter below and then choose a specific region in that country to receive the individual regional scorecard. Please note that the remark ‘ESIS 2014’ at the end of the name of the country/region refers to the data used in the pilot version and ‘ESIS 2015’ includes the most recent data.

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