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The European Service Innovation Scoreboard

Experience demonstrates that service innovations have the capacity to make a strong contribution to structural changes in regions or nations (please see the report of the Expert Panel on Service Innovation in the EU  ‘Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020: The Transformative Power of Service Innovation’ pdf(2 MB). Based on this report, ESIC has produced the European Service Innovation Scoreboard (ESIS). Through its data-based analyses, ESIS captures and demonstrates the impact of service innovation in terms of changing sectors and this, in turn, promotes a better understanding of how service innovation can help regions to introduce positive structural changes.

ESIS introduces a wide range of indicators to measure the impact of service innovation at national and regional levels covering EU28 and six other European countries as well as 280 EU regions. Examples of indicators are selected variables from the Community Innovation Survey (CIS) such as the proportion of enterprises introducing service innovations or employment shares in so-called ‘service innovation-intensive industries’. Besides indicators that focus on the service sector and its innovation activities, ESIS also contains selected indicators that can assist in the analysis of structural change. These include employment shares of highly educated people and knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS) and specialisation in service-oriented clusters.

ESIS presents a statistical profile for the model demonstrator regions, showing their performance related to each of the indicators, compared with overall EU performance. These profiles demonstrate the relative strengths and weaknesses of the regions and highlight potential areas for new policies aimed at improving the impact of service innovation.

The first, pilot version of the European Service Innovation Scoreboard (ESIS 2014) was launched in June 2014.  The updated version (ESIS 2015), published in January 2015 maintains the same measurement framework but uses more recent data and covers more regions and countries than the pilot version. The update version now includes regional data also from Portugal, UK and Ireland on which only national data was previously available. During the update, also the country coverage was improved by adding Croatia, Iceland, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey into the online tool. The indicator data used in ESIC 2014 is based on statistics from 2008-2010 while the update version (ESIS 2015) is based on corresponding figures from 2010-2012.

The links to the essential elements of the European Service Innovation Scoreboard

  • The online version of the European Service Innovation Scoreboard is available here 
  • The ESIS scorecards (ESIS 2014 and 2015) available for a total of 280 EU28 regions can be found via this link
  • The methodology report of European Service Innovation Scoreboard providing  the framework for the measurement and analysis of service innovation, its transformative power and the resulting structural change is available here
  • The report summarising the key findings of  ESIS 2015 can be found here, while the report of the key findings of the pilot (ESIS 2014) can be found via this linkpdf(2 MB)

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