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The European Service Information Centre (ESIC) was launched during the workshop on ‘How to capitalise on the transformative power of service innovation for structural change’ held on February 4-5 2013, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The event provided the setting for the European Commission to explain the Large Scale Demonstrator Approach and also how the regions will be supported in their common search for new solutions to specific problems or societal challenges.

The highlights from the workshop can be seen in the following video

The importance of service innovations in a nutshell

A range of activities have been conducted since the launch of the European Service Innovation Centre (ESIC). The following video, filmed at the Large-scale demonstrator workshop held in Brussels on 12-13 February, 2014, describes some of them in more detail. The film also provides a general overview of the ESIC initiative as well as its background and objectives. The narrator, Mr. Allan Mayo, the former Chair of the Expert Panel on Service Innovation in the EU, interviews the representatives of the European Commission, the six model demonstrator regions, and the members of the ESIC consortium to explain how services can help transforming European regions and fostering growth.

Insights from Luxembourg on how the European Service Innovation Centre has assisted the regional revitalisation through service innovation

The European Service Innovation Centre has organised a peer review meeting in Luxembourg on 6-7 February 2014, which summarises the steps of the advisory support services to this model demonstrator region. The video describes in more detail what has been the starting point, what is challenge the region is addressing with a so-called Large-scale Demonstrator approach, what kind of activities the European Service Innovation Centre has conducted in the region, and what will happen after the peer review. The representatives of Luxembourg share their views on the relevance of having received advisory support from the European Service Innovation Centre and the added value to the region. The video also emphasises the important role of service innovation in transforming regional ecosystems.

The highlights from the ESIC conference: outcomes and recommendations towards future policy actions

The European Service Innovation Centre (ESIC) conference entitled ‘Service Innovation as a Driver of Change for European Industries and Regions’ took place in Helsinki on 9-10 September 2014 and attracted 140 participants representing academia, businesses and the public sector. The video filmed during the conference summaries the main outcomes of the initiative and presents participants’ views e.g. on the value provided by ESIC and the future actions to be taken at the policy level in order to fully harness the transformative power of service innovation.

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