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Access to markets

All businesses have access to the services of the Enterprise Europe Network and can freely approach the local partner in their region. Over 600 partner organisations in 54 countries have built a capacity to reach out to more than 2 million SMEs.

Your nearest partner can be found on the Network's website.

The services offered include:

  • Information on EU legislation and participation in EU programmes (Horizon 2020, regional funds);
  • Assistance to find a business partner abroad: in the EU or worldwide;
  • Advice on EU access to finance;
  • Support for innovation and technology transfer;
  • Obtaining SME's opinion on EU legislation.

If you want to go abroad with your company, this portal gathers all services provided by national authorities you might need.

COSME will also fund IPR SME Helpdesks for China, ASEAN and Mercosur to help SMEs to deal with issues relating to intellectual property rights (IPRs) in these countries. This includes the registration of formal IPRs, such as patents, trademarks or utility models, but also how to deal with infringements of intellectual property rights or manage intellectual property as business assets.

Thanks to CIP, the China IPR SME Helpdesk is fully operational. Its free services include confidential first-line advice, awareness raising, training and the provision of materials on relevant topics. Since 2011, the helpdesk has answered more than 400 direct enquires from SMEs that would like to operate in that country and supported thousands of SMEs through events and online services. The multilingual online portal of the China IPR SME Helpdesk can be accessed there:

Created in 1987 by the European Commission and the Japanese Government, the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is a non-profit organisation which manages different support activities for the benefit of EU companies with a view to fostering trade, investment and R&D cooperation between the EU and Japan.
Click on to learn more about the types of support offered to EU companies.

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