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European Cluster Observatory

The European Cluster Observatory is a single access point for statistical information, analysis and mapping of clusters and cluster policy in Europe that is foremost aimed at European, national, regional and local policy-makers as well as cluster managers and representatives of SME intermediaries.

It aims at promoting the development of more world-class clusters in Europe, notably with a view to fostering competitiveness and entrepreneurship in emerging industries and facilitating SMEs’ access to clusters and internationalisation activities through clusters.

The ultimate objective is to help Member States and regions in designing smart specialisation and cluster strategies to assist companies in developing new, globally competitive advantages in emerging industries through clusters, and in this way strengthen the role of cluster policies for the rejuvenation of Europe’s industry as part of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

To support evidence-based policy-making and partnering, the European Cluster Observatory provides an EU-wide comparative cluster mapping with sectoral and cross-sectoral statistical analysis of the geographical concentration of economic activities and performance.

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