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  • The EU's satellite navigation programme Galileo signed a €500 million agreement with Arianespace which will bring an operational Galileo service much closer....

  • Unfortunately the launch planned for today of two new Galileo satellites (number 5 and 6) from Europe’s spaceport in French Guiana cannot take place due...

  • The two Galileo Full-Operational Capability (FOC) satellites planned to take-off on Friday, August 22nd, at 14:31 (Brussels time) from the European Space...

  • Hundreds of projects competed in the 2014 national competitions for a chance to represent their country in the European Enterprise Promotion Awards; 22...


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E-desk for forsinkede betalinger

Her kan du indberette alle oplysninger om, hvordan direktivet om forsinkede betalinger (2011/7/EU) anvendes i dit land.