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  • 27/01/2015
    7th Annual Conference on European Space Policy enBrussels
  • 28/01/2015Webinar Live events on digital tourism: Marketing your business onlineen
  • 29/01/2015Intellectual Property Infrastructure for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: the business' perspectiveenMilan
  • 03/02/2015
    European Multistakeholder Forum on CSRenBruxelles
  • 04/02/2015
    Challenges for the New Cohesion Policy in 2014-2020: An Academic and Policy DebateenRiga
  • 10/02/2015Enterprise Europe Network Information dayenBrussels
  • 10/02/2015Expert Workshop – SME's readiness factors for adopting Advanced Manufacturing products and modernise their businessenBrussels
  • 11/02/2015Webinar Live events on digital tourism: Managing your online reputationen
  • 13/02/2015Towards a strategic implementation of the new EU public procurement directivesenRome
  • 25/02/2015Webinar Live events on digital tourism: Importance of content en

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