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Platform on Science

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Prioritisation, promotion and implementation of future research based on the application of the 3Rs

At a glance

In the field of research, EPAA is exploring opportunities to prioritise, promote and implement future research in the field of the 3Rs. That means:

  • Identification of priorities for future 3R-oriented research, which is seen as a core activity of the partnership.
  • Identification of gaps and opportunities to improve animal welfare through reduction, refinement and replacement.
  • Collation and exchange of knowledge from different industry sectors, Commission, regulatory bodies and academia.
  • Interaction with other working groups in order to accelerate development, validation and acceptance of alternative methods.


Platform on Science is co-chaired by Dr Tzutzuy Ramirez (BASF) for the industry partners and Susanne Bremer (DG JRC) for the Commission partners

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Computational chemistry and systems biology