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EPAA Workshops and other events

22 September 2014  EPAA lead theme workshop: “Knowledge sharing to facilitate regulatory decision making”
Cefic offices, Brussels, Belgium - Programmepdf - Presentationspdf

19 November 2014  10th EPAA Annual Conference: “Giving Europe a head start: How to facilitate the use of alternative methods by regulators?”
Brussels, Belgium

3-4 September 2014  EPAA/ CDSS Stem Cells Forum
University of Liverpool, UK - Programmepdf

24-28 August 2014 9th World Congress on Alternatives
Prague, Czech Republic

13 November 2013  9th EPAA Annual Conference: “More predictive safety science for a more competitive Europe”
Brussels, Belgium

11 September 2013  EPAA workshop on Validation of In Vitro Alternatives for In-process Control of Veterinary Clostridial Vaccines
Brussels, Belgium  Flash report

5 September 2013  SEURAT-1 Joint Stakeholder event 2013
Centre Borschette, Brussels, Belgium  SEURAT-1 Stakeholder Event 2013 - Flyer PDF

28-29 August 2013  EPAA Workshop: Stem cell‐derived organ‐like models for analysing mid‐ and long‐term dosing dynamics
Brussels, Belgium

April 2013  EPAA Stem Cells Forum- An event of the EPAA Stem Cells project - working group #3 on Communication
London, United Kingdom  Flash report PDF

19 March 2013  Vaccines Consistency Approach #4: Clostridial vaccines – Experts workshop
Brussels, Belgium  Flash report PDF

28 February 2013  Advancing the 3Rs in Regulatory Toxicology: A Workshop on Carcinogenicity Testing - Scope for Harmonization and Advancing the 3Rs   Brussels, Belgium   Flash report PDF


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