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Enterprise Policy Group

Enterprise Policy Group

Commission Decision C (2012) 4386 of 4 July 2012 has set up the group of experts on Enterprise and SME Policies

In order to get advise on enterprise, SME and industrial policies, the Commission has set up a group of experts called the 'Enterprise and SME Policies Group'.

The tasks of the group are:

  • to advise for the preparation of legislative proposals as well as enterprise and industrial policy initiatives;
  • to establish cooperation between Member States bodies and the Commission on questions relating to enterprise, SME and industrial policies to monitor the evolution of policy in the field of enterprise, in particular as regards SMEs;
  • to bring about an exchange of experience and good practice in the field of enterprise, SME and industrial policy issues.

The group consists of two chambers; the 'Enterprise Policy Group' and 'The Network of SME Envoys'.

Enterprise Policy Group

The 'Enterprise Policy Group' consists of Directors Generals from Member States' public administrations who are responsible for industrial and enterprise policy issues.

The 'Enterprise Policy Group' meets 3 times per year. One of the meetings is a joint meeting with 'The Network of SME Envoys'.

The Commission may invite experts from outside the group with specific competence in a subject on the agenda to participate in the work of the group. In addition, the Commission may give observer status to individuals, organisations, EEA countries and candidate countries.

The Network of SME Envoys

For more information on 'The Network of SME Envoys' please visit:

Commission decision of 4.7.2012 setting up the group of experts on Enterprise and SME Policies pdf - 145 KB [145 KB]

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