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  • 10/04/2015Study on tax compliance costs for SMEsenRok: : 15/07/2015
  • 11/06/2015Pilot project on design, implementation and execution of the transfer of GNSS data during an e112 call to the public service answering point (PSAP)enRok: : 31/07/2015
  • 25/06/2015Environmental effect study of the Euro 5 environmental step for L-category vehiclesenRok: : 07/08/2015
  • 02/06/2015Study - Cumulative Costs Assessment (CCA) of the EU Ceramics and Glass IndustriesenRok: : 14/08/2015
  • 16/06/2015Service contract: advanced mission concepts - R&D for robust eGNSS timing servicesenRok: : 14/08/2015
  • 13/06/2015Service contract: advanced mission concepts - R&D for a Galileo regional serviceenRok: : 03/09/2015
  • 09/06/2015Study on the review of the list of critical raw materialsenRok: : 04/09/2015
  • 27/06/2015Service contract: Ionosphere prediction serviceenRok: : 16/09/2015

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