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  • 20/08/2014ENTR/396/PP/2014/FC: provision of legal, technical and organisational support for the European commission’s activities on global navigation satelliteenFecha límite: : 23/10/2014
  • 05/09/2014Digital entrepreneurship monitorenFecha límite: : 27/10/2014
  • 16/09/2014Support to the uptake of Copernicus services by usersenFecha límite: : 13/11/2014
  • 09/10/2014Erasmus for young entrepreneurs — call for tender for support officeenFecha límite: : 17/11/2014
  • 25/09/2014Multiple framework contract with reopening of the competition in the field of sustainable industrial policy and constructionenFecha límite: : 17/11/2014

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