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What Europe proposes to address the financial, economic and social crisis? How can you help the most vulnerable?


Boulevard "Todor Alexandrov" 14; hotel "ANEL"; c0nference room "ANEL" - Sofia - български

Type of Event:Workshop/Seminar
Topic developed:business strategy, business support, growth, innovation, other
Target Audience:Entrepreneurs / practitioners - Potential Entrepreneurs - Members of business support organisations - Other

The seminar will be held on the 4th of June in Sofia. The starting time is scheduled from 9:30 to 13.30. The aim of the seminar is to raise awareness among people on flexible measures are taken by the European Union to address the financial, economic and social crisis. Guest speakers will be experts from the European Commission, working in the Directorate General Enterprise and Industry, Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, as well as a representative of the National Union of the producer cooperatives. Will be invited both coordinators of the Week Small and medium-sized enterprises in Bulgaria. The crisis left many people from different social groups outside the labor market, thereby increasing the percentage of people living in poverty. The aim is for people to understand what are the alternatives before them, which proposes that the EU, the opportunities for micro small and medium-sized enterprises and those who want to start own business, to help those in the worst situation - people Disabilities and the opportunities offered to them by the EU to overcome this difficult period. The event will be included as part of a week of small and medium enterprises. The seminar will be divided into three main modules: I) European strategy for smart and sustainable growth - Europe 2020. This module will include consideration of the social dimensions of strategy and social aspects of the crisis, what the European Commission proposes guidelines for Member States to implement the strategy. II) Flexible measures for overcoming the crisis. This module will enter the following topics: - Discussion of the operational programs of the Commission on measures for ending the crisis, what are the measures which the Commission proposed , undertaken specifically to address it; - Tools for micro small and medium enterprises as well as people who want to start own business; - Innovation Policy; - Promoting SME Competitiveness - Examples of good practice in other Member States III) Support for people in the most severe social status: - Integration of Persons with Disabilities; - What are the major issues facing people with disabilities and what could be their possible solutions; - How the crisis affected these people and what assistance they could provide - Good practices on social inclusion of people with disabilities Each of the three modules will be presented by experts from the European Commission and the Bulgarian participants in the event. After each of the presentations will follow the debate with the audience several minutes.

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ETNOPALITRAEuropean Business Organisation
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