Member State Experts

The TAIEX instrument aims to meet the requests from beneficiary partners by providing a wide range of the best expertise available throughout the European Union. This public sector expertise in the approximation, implementation and/or enforcement of EU legislation has been developed over years of activities and is continually growing. Member State experts are the lifeblood of TAIEX operations.
Could your expertise be of use to TAIEX? If the answer is yes, you can register to become a TAIEX expert.

As an expert, you will be called to participate in seminars, workshops, expert missions and study visits matching your specific profile.

Alternatively, you can register as an “Institutional Contact Point”, provided that you are a representative of a public institution working in the approximation, implementation and/or enforcement of EU legislation. These contact points help TAIEX to identify, within their respective ministries or agencies, suitable experts in a specific area, depending on the request.

The Expert Database contains a pool of public sector experts specialising in specific areas of the acquis. There are also Institutional Contact Points made up of Member State officials who offer their services, within their respective ministries or agencies, to help identify relevant experts on behalf of TAIEX.

The Expert Stock Exchange is an online platform that allows you to match requests from beneficiary countries with offers of expertise. Those registered in the Expert Database can consult requests and directly submit offers of assistance to TAIEX. All TAIEX Member State National Contact Points can consult this database and submit offers of expertise.

A Guide for Experts/Speakers containing detailed information on practical arrangements such as remuneration and travel advice is at your disposal.

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