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E.D. is a consolidated pool of EU-wide expertise in the acquis communautaire. It is made up of Member State officials who have proven expertise either in the legislation itself, and the approximation of national legislation to EU norms, or on the subsequent administration, implementation and enforcement of such legislation.

If you have come to this site, you are probably an expert from a Member State public administration. If so, TAIEX hereby invites you, and your institution, to register in the database by creating a personal profile. Once you, the expert is registered with his/her personal profile, you agree to make yourself available to be contacted by the TAIEX unit as soon as a request is identified, which may correspond to your area of expertise. Once the profile is created, you are able to update your data online.

The assistance organised by TAIEX can take different forms:

  1. Seminars/Workshops to present and explain issues related to the acquis to a wider audience. Such assistance can be focussed on the needs of an individual country or of a group of countries facing similar challenges. The multi-country format also provides a valuable opportunity to network and to exchange experience between beneficiary countries;

  2. Experts can be sent to a beneficiary country to advise on legislative acts and interpretation of the acquis, or to provide guidance on administrative arrangements for its implementation and enforcement;

  3. Study visits providing opportunities for officials of beneficiary countries to understand how Member States deal with practical issues related to the implementation and enforcement of the acquis and issues related to the interaction with stakeholders;

What advantages does the TAIEX Expert Database offer?

By registering on the TAIEX Expert Database, the expert will:

  1. have access to the Expert Stock Exchange (Expert Stock Exchange) and be able to consult requests of assistance as well as submit offers of expertise.
  2. receive a monthly e-mail alert with a list of the new requests for assistance (which take the form of expert missions or study visits).

To know more about the conditions for involvement in TAIEX training programmes, please download our detailed guides, which explain all logistical elements: Detailed Guides

The registration in the Expert Database is limited to Experts working for public, semi-public and mandated bodies.

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