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EU Multilingualism and Translation - from policy to practice

Brussels, Belgium
15 to 19 October 2012
25 Science and research [16] (Complete),26 Education and culture (Complete)
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The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

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Aim of the Assistance

Multilingualism lies at the core of the European project. From the very beginning, Regulation 1/1958 set out the principle of the equality of the official languages of the European Communities. There are many facets to the policy for multilingualism: whether it is about supporting the principle of 1+2 (mother tongue and two foreign languages) in education, or the promotion of language skills for business purposes, the EU policy remains dedicated to the principle of equality and values the motto of "united in diversity". European Commission, taking account of the experience with the last waves of enlargement, has a particular interest in recruiting well-trained translators from the national community of translators in the Member States. The event is addressing participants coming from IPA countries: Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Iceland and Kosovo.

Proposed action

5 day event in Brussels

Target Audience

Several groups of actors are targeted: universities, associations of translators, and other stakeholders.

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Other / Documents

Document Day 1 - Charles Gittins.pps
Document Day 1 - Johan Haggman.ppt
Document Day 1 - Magnus Nohl-Ellers.ppt
Document Day 1 - Urve Laas - full.ppt
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Ms Mette Aarslew-Jensen


Danish Authorised Translators and Interpreters (DT)

Document Day 3 - Mette Aarslew_DK.doc

Ms Françoise Bajon

President / General Manager

ELIA / Version internationale

Document Day 3 - Bajon - ELIA Presentation.ppt

Ms Anu Carnegie-Brown

Operations Manager

Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd

Document Day 4 - Carnegie Brown - Mind the gap.ppt

Mr Yves Gambier


University of Turku / Turun Yliopisto

Document Day 3 - Yves Gambier.ppt

Mr Daniel Gouadec

Emeritus professor

UR2 retired

Document Day 3 - Gouadec.ppt

Ms Anca Greere

Director of European Master’s Programme

Babes-Bolyai University

Document Day 3 - Greere.pdf
Document Day 4 - Greere - Agora.pdf

Ms Liese Katschinka


EULITA (European Legal Interpreters and Translators Ass.)

Document Day 3 - Liese Katschinka.ppt

Ms Dorothy Kenny

Senior Lecturer

Dublin University

Document Day 4 - Kenny.pdf

Ms Nike Kocijančič Pokorn


University of Ljubljana

Document Day 3 - Nike Pokorn.ppt

Mr Hendrik Kockaert

Associate Professor

Lessius Antwerpen/KU Leuven University

Document Day 4 - Kockaert - Qualetra.ppt
Document Day 4 - Kockaert - TransCert.ppt

Ms Nijole Maskaliuniene


Vilnius University

Document Day 4 - Maskaliuniene.doc

Ms Aleksandra Niemirycz


Association of Polish Translators and Interpreters

Document Day 3 - Aleksanra Niemirycz.ppt

Ms Christina Schaeffner

Professor of Translation Studies

Aston University

Document Day 4 - Schaeffner.ppt