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Culture of debating, freedom of expression and independent media

Ohrid and Skopje, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
02 to 04 April 2012
10 Information society and media (Complete)
Task : 0

Chair Person Mr Andris Kesteris _______ Principal Advisor for Civil Society and Media Directorate-General for Enlargement European Commission

The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

Part of series:                          Multi country



Aim of the Assistance

This seminar will focus on the issues of media ownership and of self-regulation mechanisms and journalistic codes of ethics. An overview of the situation in Europe and examples of national systems will be presented to the participants. They will also have the opportunity to learn about practical ways of establishing self-regulation bodies.

Proposed action


Target Audience

This event is open primarily to Macedonians journalists and representatives of CSOs. Representatives of national public administration, local authorities and international organisations can also attend.

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Other / Documents

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Mr Klaus Bichler


Medienhaus Wien

Document P2P-48025-presentation-Bichler.ppt

Mr Andris Kesteris

Principal Advisor for Civil Society and Media

European Commission

Document P2P-48025-presentation-Kesteris.ppt

Mr Beata Klimkiewicz

Assistant Professor

Jagiellonian University

Document P2P-48025-presentation-Klimkiewicz.ppt

Mr Ciril Ribicic

Professor Constitutional Law

Faculty of Law / University of Ljubljana

Document P2P-48025-presentation-Ribicic.pptx

Mr Bjarne Schilling

Readers' Editor


Document P2P-48025-presentation-Schilling.ppt

Mr Vaclav Stetka

Senior Research Fellow

University of Oxford

Document P2P-48025-presentation-Stetka.pptx