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Multi country workshop on EU-MED SME public-private dialogue

Barcelona, Spain
16 to 17 April 2012
20 Enterprise and industrial policy [13] (Complete)
No Task

The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

Part of series:                          Multi country



Aim of the Assistance

The aim is an exchange of information, knowledge, tools and good practice in four main areas: Framework of public-private consultation; frequency, openness and transparency of consultation; enterprise networks and private business associations; advocacy functions and governance rules

EU legislation / adm. infrastructure

Public-Private Consultation

Proposed action

Multi-Country Workshop

Beneficiary Institution

MEDA Policy makers

Target Audience

Policy makers responsible for SME policy development

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Document Agenda_47955.doc

Other / Documents

Document 47955_Alaa Ezz_Frequency of the consultations.ppt
Document 47955_Eduardo Royo_Lobbying and Advocacy at EU level.ppt
Document 47955_Hana Uraini_Jordan Presentation Public-Private Policy Dialogue.ppt
Document 47955_Jafar Hdaib_the Palestinian Experience.ppt
Document 47955_Majed Maali_Hazem Shunnar_Palestinian Public-Private Dialogue.ppt
Document 47955_Meda Advocacy survey.doc
Document 47955_Ramon Pinos_Public-Private Dialogue in Catalonia.ppt
Document 47955_Public Privat Consultations report; Barcelona 16-17 April 2012.for the web.doc

Mr Andreu Bassols



Document 47955_Mohammed Elmoustaquim_Maroc Partenarait Public Prive .ppt



European Commission

Document 47955_Marie Corman_Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprise.ppt

Mr Bernadette Carabin

Conseiller de Direction 1ère classe/SME Envoy

Ministry of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Tourism

Document 47955_Bernadette Friederici_Openness and Transparency of the Consultations _EN.ppt
Document 47955_Bernadette Friederici_Ouverture et transparence des consultations_FR.ppt

Ms Helena De Felipe



Document 47955_Helena De Felipe_AFAEMME.ppt

Ms Diletta Dischinger

Project Manager

European Commission

Document 47955_The TAIEX instrument of the European Commission.ppt

Mr Antonio Fanelli

Deputy Head

OECD – Organisation for Economic Coopertaion and Development

Document 47955_Jacob Fexer_Antonio Fanelli_2008 Euro-Mediterranean Enterprise Policy Assessment.ppt

Mr Jakob Fexer

Policy Analyst


Document 47955_Jacob Fexer_Steps_on_SME_Policy_Implementation.ppt
Document 47955_OECD_Steps on SME Policy Implementation.ppt

Mr Hakan Hillefors

Head of Section

Ministry of Enterprise

Document 47955_Hakan Hillefors_Consultation, Advocacy and Governance in Sweden.ppt

Mr Daniel Pitonak


National Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises

Document 47955_Daniel Pitonak_Independent Evaluation of SME Programmes.ppt

Mr Rabih Sabra


Agency For Promotion of Industry and Innovation API

Document 47955_Rabih Sabra_Advocacy functions and Governance Rules_EN.doc
Document 47955_Rabih Sabra_Defense des PME et regles de gouvernance_FR.doc

Mr Wojciech Sopinski


DG Enterprise and Industry

Document 47955_Wojciech Sopinski_Framework for public-private consultation.ppt

Mr Noureddine Taktak


Agency For Promotion of Industry and Innovation API

Document 47955_Noureddine Taktak_Tunisie Dialogue Public Privé.ppt