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Supporting CSOs fighting against cancer

Brussels, Belgium
24 to 27 May 2011
28.30 Health protection [15.30] (Complete)
Task : 0

Chair Person Ms Magdalena Kleim _______ DG Enlargement

The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

Part of series:                          Multi country



Aim of the Assistance

The aim of this study tour is to give participants the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the EU policies and programmes related to the fight against cancer, as well as to offer them exchange and networking opportunities among themselves and with other European-level civil society organisations active in these fields.

Target Audience

Participants will represent mainly associations of parents of children with cancer, women fighting cancer, health CSOs, organisations promoting healthy lifestyle and others form the candidate countries and potential candidates to EU accession.

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Ms Aikaterini Apostolidou


Document Kathi Apostolidis.pdf

Ms Bettina Borisch Chappuis

President (ED) and Prof (university of Geneva)

Europa Donna / Universit y of Geneva

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Ms Dominique De Backer

Administrative Assistant

European Commission

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Mr Aurélien Juliard


European Economic and Social Committee

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Mr Ingrid Kossler

European Economic and Social Committee

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Mr Jerzy Kowalczyk

Head of the Department

Medical University Lublin

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Ms Jana Pelouchova

Founder and Chair

Diagnoza CML o.s.

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Mr Denise Silber


Basil Strategies

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