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Education in a multicultural society

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
18 to 19 May 2010
26 Education and culture (Complete)
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The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

Part of series:                          Multi country



Aim of the Assistance

This event is a single country seminar entitled only to civil society organisations from Bosnia. It aims at improving their knowledge on the benefits of a multicultural approach of education and at gathering experts on the problematic of education in Bosnia.

Proposed action

organisation of a workshop on education in a multicultural society, like the one in Bosnia.

Target Audience

CSOs in Bosnia

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Document Agenda_41053.doc

Ms Sophie Aujean

Project Manager

European Commission

Document Presentation Saujean Education - May 2010.ppt
Document Analiza NVO sektora.pptx
Document Mirna Jancic presentation.ppt

Ms Marina Bowder

Head of Section, Diversity and Inclusion in Schools


Document Education and Diversity Powerpoint OSCE.ppt

Mr Elvir Djuliman


Nansen Dialogue Centre Mostar

Document Elvir Djuliman speech.docx

Ms Slavica Draskovic

Resident Advisor

Sipu International

Document TACSO BH PPPt for P2P event.ppt

Ms Jean Gordon


European Institute of Education and Social Policy

Document Jean Gordon_ppt_090510.ppt

Ms Sanja Kabil

Education Officer


Document UNICEF Podijeljenje skole ppt.ppt

Ms Sarah Keating-Chetwynd

Head of Unit

Council of Europe

Document CoE presentation - PtoP conference Sarajevo 18 May 2010 rev.ppt
Document 2007_studyHuddleston_demgovschools_en.pdf
Document 6494_Teaching_democracy_manuel 1.pdf
Document 6555_How_all_Teachers_A4_assemble.pdf
Document Glossary of terms for education for democratic citizenship.pdf
Document Living_in_democracy_manuel 2.pdf
Document Tool for quality assurance of educ for democ citizenship in schools.pdf

Ms Pépin Luce

European Unit of Eurydice

Document Sarajevo L Pépin.ppt

Mr David Leslie Parkes


Education and Training Policy and Management (ETPM)

Document Presentation David Parkes.docx

Ms Evgenia Petkova-Iordanova

Human Capital Development Specialist


Document ETF Presentation Sarajevo EPE 0510.ppt

Ms Robin Sclafani


CEJI-A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe

Document P2P Sarajevo CEJI RDAD pptx.ppt

Ms Andrea Zeravcic

  Regional Programme Manager   

Save the Children Norway Regional Programme for SEE    

Document AZ People to People_May 18-19_2010_May 17.ppt
Document AZ People to People_May 18-19_2010_May 17.pptm