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Respect and freedom of expression of sexual orientation and gender identity

Brussels, Belgium
07 to 10 June 2010
23 Judiciary and fundamental rights [20] (Complete)
Task : 0

Chair Person Ms Magdalena Kleim _______ DG Enlargement

The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

Part of series:                          Multi country



Aim of the Assistance

The P2P Programme intends to offer to individuals and organisations from the beneficiary countries the possibility to visit EU institutions, as well as relevant EU platform organisations, or whenever relevant for the topic of the study visits, also other European, international or nationals organisations, in order to familiarise themselves with EU structures, policy making process, programmes, policies and best practices. The aim of this study tour is to inform the participating representatives of civil society organisations about international and European legal bases which prohibit discriminations on the ground of sexual orientations. This study tour also aims at giving examples of good practices from civil society organisations based in Brussels and in the member states offering the participants networking opportunities among themselves and with European-level civil society organisations active in this field. The study visit is open for the participation of several representatives of civil society organisations from each of the candidate countries and potential candidates to EU enlargement (except for Iceland). Around 30 participants from civil society organisations in the Western Balkans and Turkey will attend the study visit.

EU legislation / adm. infrastructure

EU legislation concerning LGBT rights and freedom of expression; anti-discrimination legislation

Proposed action

4- days study visit

Beneficiary Institution

CS0s from Western Balkans and CCs

Target Audience

Several CSOs from WB and Turkey

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Document Agenda_33796.doc

Ms Amandine Bach

Policy Officer

European Women's Lobby

Document Presentation by Ms Amandine Bach_EWL.pdf

Ms Florentina Bocioc


Accept Association

Document Presentation by Ms Florentina Bocioc_Accept.ppt

Ms Magdalena Kleim


DG Enlargement

Document Presentation by Ms Sara Sighinolfi_EIDHR.ppt
Document Presentation by Mr Michal Gondek_Anti-discrimination acquis.ppt
Document Presentation by Mr Miguel Mares_PROGRESS.ppt
Document Presentation by Mr Bruno Selun_LGBTIntergroup.pps

Mr Tamás Kádár

Policy Officer

European Network of Equality Bodies (EQUINET)

Document Presentation by Mr Tamás Kádár_EQUINET.ppt

Ms Gisela Lange

Policy Officer

European Commission

Document Presentation by Ms Gisela Lange_HIV.ppt

Ms Jasna Magic

Project Coordinator

Informational Centre Legebitra

Document Presentation by Ms Jasna Magic_Legebitra.ppt

Ms Veronica Scognamiglio

European Campaign Coordinator on Discrimination

Amnesty International European Union Office

Document Presentation by Ms Veronica Scognamiglio_Amnesty international.ppt

Mr Stefano Sgobba

Task Manager

European Commission

Document Presentation by Mr Stefano Sgobba_Combatingdiscrimination.ppt

Mr Henk Visser

Task Manager

European Commission

Document Presentation by Mr Henk Visser_CSF.ppt

Mr Dennis van der Veur


Council of Europe

Document Presentation by Mr Dennis van der Veur_Council of Europe.ppt