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Conference "Strengthening the triangle CSOs-National Governments-European Commission" (ECAS)

Zadar, Croatia
19 to 20 October 2009
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The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

Part of series: follow-up to P2P 30715                          Multi country



Aim of the Assistance

To assess the EU and national governments response to the Ljubljana declaration on “building civil dialogue and partnership relations between civil society, national governments and EU institutions and enhancing the role of CSOs as development actors by engaging them in the dialogue on aid effectiveness”. Following the presentation of 11 national reports elaborated on the basis of a questionnaire about relations of the civil society with their national governments and the EU, the declaration was adopted during the Ljubljana conference. To encourage transfer of experience and best practices on the issues of partnership building and networking among the NGOs thus strengthening links across the borders and regions in the long term; To evaluate whether there is sufficient coordination among donors in the field of civil society development in the region and if there is enough commitment on behalf of donors to include civil society in the process of programming of their own priorities.

EU legislation / adm. infrastructure

follow up of the Ljubljana Declaration on the role of the civil society

Proposed action

attendance of the Conference by CSOs representatives

Beneficiary Institution

Civil society representatives

Target Audience

CSOs from Western Balkans

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