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European experience in coal mining industry restructuring/privatisation, mining assets evaluation, state support to coal production/restructuring

Kiev, Ukraine
05 November 2010
01 Free movement of goods (Complete)
No Task

Chair Person Mr Oleksii Pshenychka _______ Deputy Minister Department of Property Relation Ministry of Coal Industry of Ukrain

The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

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Aim of the Assistance

The aim of this event is to: 1. Share specific European experience of the coal products price forming. 2. Study the Experience of European countries of the coal industry allocating investment support area.

EU legislation / adm. infrastructure

Council Regulation 1407/2002 on state aid to the coal industry

Proposed action


Beneficiary Institution

The Ukrainian’s Ministry of Coal Industry

Target Audience

Ministry of Economics of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, workers of trade union

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Document Agenda_32925.doc

Mr Tamas Hamor

Head of Division

Hungarian Office for Mining and Geology

Document 32925_Tamas Hamor_Coal State Aid.pdf

Ms Anna Ostrega

Senior Lectures

AGH University of Science and Technology

Document 32925_Anna Ostrega_Liquidation of unprofitable coal mining.ppt

Mr Jan Palarski

Head of Chair

Technical University

Document 32925_Jan Palarski_Management of environmental impacts.pptx

Mr Rolf Schlottmann

Project Manager

LMBV international GmbH

Document 32925_Rolf Schlottmann_Lmbv.doc

Mr Thomas-Hartwig Alexander Schneider

Head of Brussels Office

German Hard Coal Association - GVSt

Document 32925_Thomas Schneider_Automatisation in UG coal mining.ppt
Document 32925_Thomas Schneider_EU policies and legislat for the coal industry.ppt