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European Movement - "Civil Society challenge Public Authority" - Ljubljana Congress

Ljubljana, Slovenia
16 to 18 April 2009
19.20.05 General social provisions [05.20.05] (Complete), 35 Other issues (Complete)
Task : null

The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

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Aim of the Assistance

P2P will support the flights travel and accommodation of up to 80 civil society representatives from the beneficiary countries taking part in the European Movement Ljubljana Conference - empowering civil society in the candidate/potential candidate countries by creating a sustainable triangle relationship: EU, national governments and CSOs

EU legislation / adm. infrastructure

IPA CSF - P2P Programme. Follow up of the Ljubljana Conference for the Civil Society in 2008

Proposed action

P2P Support to European Movement conference, follow up of Ljubljana Conference

Beneficiary Institution

Civil Society in beneficiary countries / European Movement

Target Audience

Civil Society Organisations

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