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Consolidating partnership between CSOs and public authorities for raising minority rights in the region (Opening conference)

Brussels, Belgium
06 to 07 July 2009
19 Social policy and employment [05] (Complete), 23 Judiciary and fundamental rights [20] (Complete), 26.10 Education and training [16.30] (Complete)
Task : null

Chair Person Ms Yvonne Kapella _______ EC Official DG ELARG European Commission

The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

Part of series: Closing conference planned for 2010                          Multi country



Aim of the Assistance

The People 2 People Programme, which is one of the three strands of the Civil Society Facility of the Directorate-General for Enlargement of the European Commission, organises the opening conference for projects selected following the call for proposals "Support to civil society dialogue – 'People to people actions': Consolidating partnerships between civil society organisations and public authorities for raising minority rights in the region" financed under the CARDS Regional Action Programme 2006 (EuropeAid/126361/C/ACT/Multi). Besides providing a space for the beneficiaries to meet and network (among themselves and with the EC), the opening conference will create the opportunity for them to meet with relevant stakeholders at European level. The opening conference will bring to Brussels representatives of each of the 8 selected projects; up to 4 people per project can participate.

EU legislation / adm. infrastructure

Minority rights

Proposed action

Two-day study visit/ opening conference

Beneficiary Institution

CS0s from the Western Balkans and their partners

Target Audience

Projects for minority rights that were awarded a grant under the CARDS Regional Action Programme 2006 (EuropeAid/126361/C/ACT/Multi); max. 4 pax for each of the 8 projects.

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Document Agenda_32344.doc

Ms Snježana Bokulić

Director of Programmes

Minority Rights Group International

Document Presentation by Ms Bokulic_Minority Rights Programmes.PPT

Ms Yvonne Kapella

EC Official

European Commission

Document Project presentation_APREME.ppt
Document Project presentation_Awaiting the EU.ppt
Document Project presentation_Effective participation.ppt
Document Project presentation_Reg. PS intercult. exchange.ppt.pptx

Ms Lida Kita

Human Capital Development Specialist

European Training Foundation

Document Presentation by Ms Kita_NGOs inclusive education.ppt

Ms Eva Konecna


Council of Europe

Document Presentation by Ms Konecna_FCNM.doc

Ms Gudrun Niedorf

Project Manager P2P Programme

European Commission

Document Presentation by Ms Niedorf_The P2P programme.ppt

Mr Henk Visser

Task Manager

European Commission

Document Presentation by Mr Visser_IPA&technical assistance.ppt

Mr Fabrice de Kerchove

Project Manager

Fondation Roi Baudouin

Document Presentation by Mr de Kerchove_Minority Rights in Practice in SEE.ppt