P2P 32026

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Research Potential in Europe

Brussels, Belgium
11 to 14 May 2009
25 Science and research [16] (Complete), 34.10 Principles, objectives and tasks of the Treaties [01.10] (Complete), 34.20 General provisions [01.20] (Complete), 34.40.10 General [01.40.10] (Complete), 34.40.20 Parliament [01.40.20] (Complete), 34.40.30 Council [01.40.30] (Complete), 34.40.40 Commission [01.40.40] (Complete), 34.40.65 Committee of the Regions [01.40.65] (Complete), 34.40.70 Economic and Social Committee [01.40.70] (Complete)
Task : null

Chair Person Mr Giorgio Algeri _______ Consultant Consultant

The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

Part of series: No                          Multi country



Aim of the Assistance

The aim of the study visit is to bring together representatives of civil society from the target countries to improve their know-how of European legislation and practices regarding research, and to provide them with an opportunity to exchange views, experience and good practice on the subject. Furthermore, other aims of the study visit are to inform the representatives of the civil society about the EU decision making process, the institutions and main relevant policies, as well as about funding sources, and relevant programmes and at the same time to stimulate networks between civil society organisations in the target countries and the EU institutions as well as EU platform civil society organisation

EU legislation / adm. infrastructure

European Policy on Research and Innovation 7th Framework Programme

Proposed action

Multi-country study visit

Beneficiary Institution

Civil society organizations

Target Audience

Civil Society Organisations

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Document Agenda_32026.doc

Mr Cristian Buchiu


European Commission

Document Cristian Buchiu - Presentation P2P Programme - Civil Society Facility.ppt

Ms Karin Fehringher


DG Research, European Commission

Document Kitty FEHRINGER - Universities and Researchers 09-05-12.ppt

Ms Tania Friederichs

Policy Officer

DG Research, European Commission

Document Tania Friederichs - FP 7 and WBCs.ppt
Document Tania Friederichs - EU strategy for research cooperation.ppt

Mr Jean-Luc Gal

Head of the Brussels Bureau

International Legal Affairs, European Patent Office

Document Jean-Luc Gal - Intellectual Property Rights in Research.ppt

Mr Marc Heppener


European Science Foundation

Document Marc Heppener - European Research Foundation.ppt

Mr Theodore Papazoglou


European Research Council Agency

Document Theodore Papazoglou - European Research Council presentation.ppt

Mr Gergely Polner


European Parliament

Document EP Visit - European Parliament Introduction.ppt

Ms Milena Raykovska


DG SANCO, European Commission

Document Milena Raykovska - The Joint Research Centre 09-05-12.ppt

Mr Cyril Robin-Champigneul


DG Research, European Commission

Document Cyril Robin-Champigneul - ERA Presentation 09-05-12.ppt

Mr Ludger Viehoff


DG Research, European Commission

Document Ludger Viehoff - Opening_ERA-WBC_09-05-12.ppt

Mr Alain van Hamme


European Commission

Document Alain Van Hamme - EU Institutions and decision making process.ppt