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Civil Dialogue - How can we shape the Europe we want?

Brussels, Belgium
09 to 10 December 2008
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Chair Person Ms Anne Hoel _______ Representative Solidar

The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

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Aim of the Assistance

The conference it will seek to answer the some of the following questions through a series of four participatory workshops: - Why do NGOs and decision makers engage in ‘civil dialogue’? Who should take part? - What civil dialogue structures are necessary for a more ‘social’ Europe that is based on fundamental rights? - What role should be played by European networks: drivers of European integration, watchdogs or merely facilitators of European propaganda? - How can the ‘hard to reach communities bring their voices to too often inaccessible European decision-making processes? The conference aims to assess the current structures and processes of civil dialogue at European level and agree concrete recommendations on how to improve these structures and processes.

EU legislation / adm. infrastructure

Dialogue with the civil society

Proposed action

Support Civil Society Representatives participation in European conference on Civil Dialogue.

Beneficiary Institution

Civil Society Organisations

Target Audience

Civil Society Organisations

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