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Seminar on energy efficiency

Kiev, Ukraine
02 to 03 February 2009
15 Energy [12] (Complete)
No Task

Chair Person Ms Tetiana Kovryga _______ Head of Information Support and Mass Media Divisio National Agency of Ukraine on Ensuring of Efficient Use of Energy Resources Management

The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

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GOBEAUX, Jean-Marie

Aim of the Assistance

The aim of the assistance is to create Educational-Expert Centers on Energy efficiency and the popularisation of energy saving and efficiency in the society.

EU legislation / adm. infrastructure

Resolution 85/C/20/01

Proposed action

2-day workshop

Beneficiary Institution

The National Agency of Ukraine on Ensuring of Efficient Use of Energy Resources Management (NAER)

Target Audience

National Agencies, Central governmental Ministries, Regulatory authorities and International organizations

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Document Agenda_31925.doc

Mr Hartmut Behrend

Desk Officer For Climate Change and Energy Safety

German Military Agency for Geo-information

Document Presentation - Mr. Behrend.ppt

Mr Georgios Chronopoulos

Head of Department

Greek Ministry for Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works

Document Presentation - Dr. Chronopoulos.pdf

Mr Panagiotis Karlis

Environmental Inspector

Greek Ministry for the Environment, Phys. Planning and Public Works

Document Presentation - Mr. Karlis.pdf

Mr Andrej Klemenc

Managing Secretary

Slovenski E-forum, Society for Energy Economics & Environment

Document Presentaion - Mr. Klemenc.ppt

Mr Nikolaos Koukouzas

Director of research Institute


Document Presentation - Dr. Koukouzas.pdf

Mr Gerard Lipinski

Project Coordinator

Ministry of Environment

Document Presentaion - Mr. Lipinski (1).ppt

Mr Evanthia Michalaina

Representative of the University in Brussels

Sorbonne University

Document Presentation - Ms. Michalena.ppt

Ms Ils Moorkens


VITO - Flemish Institute for Technological Research

Document Presentation - Ms. Moorkens.ppt