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Combating discrimination: Legislation and good practices

Brussels, Belgium
14 to 17 April 2009
02.20 Social security [05.20.40] (Complete), 19 Social policy and employment [05] (Complete), 23 Judiciary and fundamental rights [20] (Complete), 24.10 Free movement of persons [19.10] (Complete), 26.10 Education and training [16.30] (Complete), 34.10 Principles, objectives and tasks of the Treaties [01.10] (Complete), 35 Other issues (Complete)
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The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

Part of series:                          Multi country



Aim of the Assistance

The P2P Programme intends to offer to individuals and organisations from the beneficiary countries the possibility to visit EU institutions, as well as relevant EU platform organisations, or whenever relevant for the topic of the study visits, also other European, international or nationals organisations, in order to familiarise themselves with EU structures, policy making process, programmes, policies and best practices.

EU legislation / adm. infrastructure

Articles 13, 125-130, 136-145 of the EC Treaty; directives 2000/43/EC ("Racial Equality Directive"), 2000/78/EC ("Employment Equality Directive")

Proposed action

4- days study visit

Beneficiary Institution

CS0s from Western Balkans and CCs

Target Audience

CSOs from CC and PCC

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Document Agenda_31909.doc

Ms Ingrid Aendenboom

Legal Advisor

Centre for Equal Opportunities

Document Presentation by Ms Aendenboom_Centre for Equal Opportunities.ppt

Mr Juan Luis Barbolla Casas


European Commission

Document Presentation 1 by Mr Barbolla Casas_Gender equality policy.ppt
Document Presentation 2 by Mr Barbolla Casas_Gender pay gap.ppt
Document Document 1 mentioned by Mr Barbolla Casas_Gender-roadmap_en.pdf
Document Document 2 mentioned by Mr Barbolla Casas_Mid term report on the roadmap COM(2008)760_EN.pdf
Document Document 3 mentioned by Mr Barbolla Casas_2009 equality report.pdf
Document Document 4 mentioned by Mr Barbolla Casas_COM_2007_0424_F_EN_Pay gap.doc

Ms Jeanette Buirski


European Dialogue

Document Presentation by Ms Buirski_Anti-discrimination, TRAILER.ppt

Mr Rudi Delarue



Document Presentation by Mr Delarue_Non-discrimination ILO.pptx

Mr Vincent Depaigne


European Commission

Document Presentation by Mr Depaigne_Anti-discrimination.ppt
Document Presentation by Mr Behrens_IPA component IV.ppt

Mr Johan Enegren


European Commission

Document Handout 1 by Mr Enegren_Case law.doc
Document Handout 2 by Mr Enegren_Men-women legislation and case law.doc

Ms Anne Gaspard

Executive Director

European Network of Equality Bodies (EQUINET)

Document Presentation by Ms Gaspard_EQUINET.ppt

Ms Yvonne Kapella

EC Official

European Commission

Document Presentation by Ms Kapella_The Civil Society Facility.ppt

Mr Alexandros Karides


European Parliament

Document Presentation by Mr Karides_EP Introduction.ppt

Ms Claudia Lam

Lawer, Acting Executive Secretary to ECRI

Council of Europe

Document Presentation by Ms Lam_ECRI.doc

Ms Gudrun Niedorf

Project Manager P2P Programme

European Commission

Document Presentation by Ms Niedorf_The P2P programme.pdf

Mr Vincent Rey

Policy Co-ordinator

European Commission

Document Presentation by Mr Rey_Enlargement policy.ppt

Mr Eric Risse


European Commission

Document Presentation by Mr Risse_Anti-discrimination and CS.ppt

Mr Stefano Sgobba

Task Manager

European Commission

Document Presentation by Mr Sgobba_Combating discrimination in a candidate Country.ppt

Mr Massimo Toschi

Civil Society Platform Officer

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

Document Presentation by Mr Toschi_The Fundamental Rights Agency.ppt

Mr Vincent Van Malderen

Head of the Diversity Unit


Document Presentation by Mr Van Malderen_Diversity@Selor.pptm