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Increasing the impact of CSO action

Brussels, Belgium
23 to 26 November 2009
35 Other issues (Complete)
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Chair Person Ms Sophie Aujean _______ Project Manager European Commission

The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

Part of series:                          Multi country



Aim of the Assistance

The P2P Programme intends to offer to individuals and organisations from the beneficiary countries the possibility to visit EU institutions, as well as relevant EU platform organisations, or whenever relevant for the topic of the study visits, also other European, international or nationals organisations, in order to familiarise themselves with EU structures, policy making process, programmes, policies and best practices.

EU legislation / adm. infrastructure

Not applicable

Proposed action

4- days study visit

Beneficiary Institution

CS0s from all CC & PCC

Target Audience

CSOs from all CCs & PCCs

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Document Agenda_31902.doc

Ms Sophie Aujean

Project Manager

European Commission

Document Presentation Saujean 31902.ppt

Ms Anne Hoel


Platform of European Social NGOs

Document 26 11 2009 Social Platform P2P.ppt

Ms Katarzyna Makowska

European Commission

Document PROGRESS - 23 NOV 09 NGOs.ppt

Mr Andreea Pavel

DG Enlargement

Document 200910914 Enlargement P2P - EIDHR.ppt

Mr Luca Prete


European Court of Justice

Document DG ELARG -LP- 23NOV09.pptx