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Building up effective consumer organisations

Belgrade, Serbia
09 to 10 March 2009
28 Consumer and health protection (Complete), 35 Other issues (Complete)
No Task

Chair Person Ms Vassiliki Pelleni _______ Desk Officer DG Health and Consumers European Commission

The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

Part of series:                          Multi country



Aim of the Assistance

This seminar shall enhance the capacity of civil society organisations engaging in consumer protection in the candidate and potential candidate countries and territories to EU enlargement. More specifically, the aim of this seminar is to give practitioners from consumer organisations concrete information to help building up effective and sustainable organisations to protect and defend consumers rights and deliver relevant services. The main focus of this seminar will be on how to create financially sustainable consumer organisations not only by drawing both on public and private funding, but also by generating income through consumer complaint services and comparative product tests. This seminar shall contribute to the exchange and dissemination of good practice from old and new EU member states and to networking on regional as well as on the European level. In addition, the seminar shall foster dialogue between civil society organisations and public authorities in the area of consumer protection.

EU legislation / adm. infrastructure

Consumer protection

Proposed action

2- days seminar

Beneficiary Institution

CS0s from Western Balkans and Turkey + 1 government representative per CC/PCC

Target Audience

Consumer protection CSOs from CCs and PCCs + 1 government representative per CC/PCC

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Document Agenda_31895.doc

Mr Guido Adriaenssens



Document Presentation by Mr Adriaenssens_ICRT.ppt

Mr Robin Dominic Croft

Regulatory Services Adviser

Northern Ireland Public Sector

Document Presentation by Mr Croft_Consumer Support Networks.ppt
Document Summary by Mr Croft_Consumer Support Networks.pdf

Mr Chris Gethin


City University London

Document Presentation 1 by Mr Gethin_Trusts and Foundations.ppt
Document Presentation 2 by Mr Gethin_Seven Deadly Sins.ppt

Ms Breda Kutin


Slovene Consumers' Association

Document Presentation by Ms Kutin_Consumer organisation.ppt

Ms Gudrun Niedorf

Project Manager P2P Programme

European Commission

Document Presentation by Ms Niedorf_The P2P programme.pdf

Mr Bogomil Nikolov Nikolov

Executive Director

Bulgarian National Association Active Consumers

Document Presentation by Mr Nikolov_Key issues-Bulgaria.ppt

Ms Anja Thienpont

Coordinator Contact Center

Test-Achat Belgium

Document Presentation by Ms Thienpont_Complaints service.ppt

Ms Heike Thomsen

Head of Training

Bureau Européen des Unions des Consommateurs BEUC

Document Presentation 1 by Ms Thomsen_EU Funding.ppt
Document Presentation 2 by Ms Thomsen_Dos and Donts.ppt