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Multi-Cultural Dialogue. EU actions in the field of culture and heritage

Brussels, Belgium
01 to 04 December 2008
26.20 Culture [16.40] (Complete)
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Chair Person Ms Maite Garcia Lechner _______ Programme Officer Grants Support for Cultural Cooperation European Cultural Foundation

The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

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Aim of the Assistance

The main aim of the meeting is to bring together representatives of civil society from the target countries in order to: 1. improve their know-how of European legislation on cultural issues, including recent developments and relevant debates 2. introduce them to the EU programmes and actions on multi-cultural dialogue and provide concrete examples of effective projects run in their framework 3. to provide them with an opportunity to exchange views, experience and good practice on the subject with relevant EU institutions and among themselves Other aims of the study visit are to inform the participants about the European Union at a general level: its structure and mechanisms, its decision making process, the institutions and other main relevant policies; it will inform about funding sources, both at EU level and in their region (particularly in view of their countries' status as candidate and potential candidate). Furthermore, the study visit also aims to stimulate the creation of networks between civil society organisations in the target countries and the relevant EU institutions and departments and EU platform civil society organisations in the field of culture. The study visit will bring together 32 participants coming from the 8 target countries (Western Balkans & Turkey). They will represent national cultural foundations, cultural institutes, NGOs working in culture and preservation of heritage in the multi-cultural environment of Western Balkans and Turkey, professional associations, all with a keen interest in multi-cultural dialogue and able to become actors in the approximation and implementation of communitarian acquis in the candidate and potential candidate countries in the field of culture.

EU legislation / adm. infrastructure

Article 151 EC Treaty Decision N° 1983/2006/EC, EP & Council, "2008 – Year of Intercultural Dialogue" Resolution of the Council, 16 November 2007, "European Agenda for Culture" Conclusions of the Council, June 2008, "Work Plan for Culture 2008-2010"

Proposed action

4 days multi-country study visit

Beneficiary Institution

Civil Society Organisations

Target Audience

Civil Society Representatives in candidate and potential candidate countries

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Document Agenda_31262.doc

Ms Ana Antunes


European Parliament

Document EP Visit - European Parliament Introduction.ppt
Document EP Public Debate Agenda - Intercultural Dialogue.pdf

Ms Kathrin Deventer

Secretary General

European Festivals Association

Document 4-1 - European Festivals Association Presentation.ppt

Mr Krzysztof Kania


European Commission

Document 2-1 - Culture and the Economy.ppt

Mr Chris Keulemans


European Cultural Foundation

Document 4-2 - Culture in the Balkans - Heart of the Matter - ECF Study.pdf

Ms Ilona Kish


Culture Action Europe

Document 4-1 - Culture Action Europe Presentation.ppt

Ms Gyongyi Mikita


European Commission

Document 2-2 - The role of culture in external relations.pps
Document 2-3 - The New Culture Programme.ppt

Mr Jost-Henrik Morgenstern


European Institute of Public Administration Maastricht

Document Intro-2 - Brief History of the Idea of Europe.ppt

Mr Michael Privot


European Network Against Racism

Document 2-4 - The Rainbow Paper.pdf

Ms Viljenka Savli


Solkan Primary School

Document EYID 2008 - Creativity Presentation.ppt

Ms Zanete Tifentale



Document EACEA visit - Erasmus Mundus Presentation.ppt

Ms Monica Urian de Sousa


European Commission

Document 2-4 - European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.ppt

Mr Henk Visser

Task Manager

European Commission

Document 1-3 - The Civil Society Facility Presentation.ppt

Ms Veronica Williams

RTP Team Leader

European Commission

Document Intro-1 - The P2P programme - P2P 31262.ppt