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Public Procurement. Public and private partnerships

Brussels, Belgium
14 to 17 October 2008
05 Public procurement (Complete)
Task : null

Chair Person Mr Ralf Von Ameln _______ Europarepräsentanz BADK ( Federal pool of German insurances for locally assigned risks)

The participants are nominated by the respective ministry or national authority of the beneficiary country.

Part of series: No                          Multi country



Aim of the Assistance

The aim of the study visit is to bring together representatives of civil society from the target countries to improve their know-how of European legislation and practices regarding public procurement and public and private partnerships, and to provide them with an opportunity to exchange views, experience and good practice on the subject. Furthermore, other aims of the study visit are to inform the representatives of the civil society about the EU decision making process, the institutions and main relevant policies, as well as about funding sources, and relevant programmes and at the same time to stimulate networks between civil society organisations in the target countries and the EU institutions as well as EU platform civil society organisation

EU legislation / adm. infrastructure

- Directive 2004/18/EU: coordination of procedures for the award of public works contracts - Directive 2004/17/EU: coordinating the procurement procedures of entities operating in services

Proposed action

Multi-country study visit

Beneficiary Institution

Civil society organizations

Target Audience

Civil Society Organisations

Ms Elodie Beth

Policy Advisor


Document Elodie Beth - OECD Enhancing Integrity in PP.ppt

Ms Nadezhda Milkovska

Chief Expert EU Affairs Directorate

The National Assembly of Republic of Bulgaria

Document Nadezhda Milkovska - EU new member PP Agency.ppt

Mr Karsten Andrup Pedersen

Manager of Purchasing and Logistics

Logistics Department, Municipality of Kolding

Document Karsten A. Pedersen - Benefits of Public-Private Partnerships.ppt

Mr Ralf Von Ameln


Europarepräsentanz BADK ( Federal pool of German insurances for locally assigned risks)

Document Ralf von Ameln - The_6_stages_of_the_procurement_process.pdf