Support to the Turkish Cypriot community

Against the backdrop of EU measures taken, aiming at an end of the isolation of the Turkish Cypriot community by encouraging economic development, the TAIEX instrument has been designated as the vehicle for implementing all technical assistance to support the preparation of the Turkish Cypriot community's ability to apply EU legislation. The main objective of TAIEX assistance to the Turkish Cypriot community is to prepare the legislative and enforcement capacity so that the acquis communautaire will be immediately applicable upon the entry into force of a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem.

As the sole Commission instrument for technical assistance support on EU legislation, an on-going programme is designed and developed to address the agreed main assistance needs. To support this programme, TAIEX engages Member State experts in a number of technical areas:

  • Support for the implementation of the “Green Line“ Regulation
  • Assessment missions aimed both at evaluating legislation and administrative capacity and at developing in close cooperation with local counterparts, a structured plan for future technical assistance
  • Medium-term expert visits on strategy and Turkish Cypriot capacity building and the development of key co-ordination structures within the TC community