Regional Training Programme

The obligations and benefits of EU membership do not only revolve around the successful transposition of EU legislation in to the national statute book. The active involvement of many stake holders at different levels is required in a number of EU policy areas. The main goal of the Regional Training Programme (RTP) is therefore to provide training to the regional and municipal authorities who have a particularly important role to play in putting EU measures and standards into practice.

The RTP approach has applied with success the train the trainers concept, whereby designated public officials receive training through the TAIEX instrument in a particular area of the acquis, so becoming RTP experts. They in turn are then responsible for co-organising tailored assistance on the EU in practice within their local regions according to identified needs. In this way, TAIEX is able to access extensive networks when targeting the relevant stakeholders to take part in the training events, including the public sector, the business community and civil society. RTP experts are also well-placed to identify and highlight the challenges currently facing their respective regions and to deal with these specific issues during their training events. The results are evident in a number of ways, for instance by the exchange of best practice from and between Member States experts, but even more importantly by the further building of networks between the different stakeholders in the regions.