Freedom, Security and Justice

Strengthening the European Union as an area of freedom, security and justice without internal borders continues to be an important focus of TAIEX assistance. Legislation enacted based on Title VI of the EU Treaty (Articles 29 to 42) and Title IV of the EC Treaty (Articles 61 to 69) is in constant evolution.

The range of legislation and consequently technical assistance is wide, covering issues such as free movement of persons, visa policy, EU external borders policy, Schengen area, immigration, asylum, judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters, drugs policy coordination, EU citizenship, data protection, fundamental rights, racism and xenophobia, police and customs cooperation, crime prevention, fight against organised crime.

At the same time, the target groups remain varied and diverse, composed not only of officials of the Ministries of Justice and the Ministries of Interior but very often includes those who have to apply the acquis in their daily work: judges, prosecutors, police officials, other law enforcement agencies, border guards, officials from migration and asylum authorities, customs departments etc.