Internal Market

The Internal Market is underpinned by a range of supporting measures and policies which the EU and its Member States have adopted to sweep away the technical, regulatory, legal, bureaucratic, and other barriers that stifled free trade and free movement within the Union. The single market is a core feature of the European Union. Assistance therefore in this area is of major importance, not only to help development in the beneficiary countries, but also for the future of the Union as a whole.

Assistance on internal market issues targets central administrations, national parliaments, economic operators and social partners providing specific training and examples of best practices from the old and new Member States. Activities cover a vast array of acquis measures, mainly related to the four freedoms, but also extended to EU policies, programmes and initiatives in a larger sense. Assistance is particularly focused on social and employment policy, intellectual property rights issues, financial services, competition policy and consumer protection and health policy. Focus is also given to SMEs and industry, competition issues including state aids, structural funds, EMU and free movement of capital, taxation and customs.

DateTitleLocationDescription Beneficiaries
may 2017
24 to 25 May 2017 TAIEX Workshop on the Regulation of Financial LeasingKiev09 Financial services (Partial),09.20 Banks [] (Complete),09.40 Other economic and commercial provisions [17.30.20] (Complete)Ukraine
25 to 26 May 2017 TAIEX Workshop on the Supervision of Professional Stock Market ParticipantsKyiv09 Financial services (Partial),09.30 Stock exchanges and other securities markets [] (Complete)Ukraine
30 to 31 May 2017 TAIEX Workshop on Methodologies for Calculating the Living Wage Kiev19 Social policy and employment [05] (Complete)Ukraine
31 May to 02 Jun 2017 TAIEX Multi-Country Workshop on the Schengen SystemMexico City24 Justice, freedom and security [19] (Partial),24.10 Free movement of persons [19.10] (Partial),24.10.10 Elimination of internal border controls [19.10.10] (Complete)Mexico