Welcome to the TAIEX Registration webpage

If you have come to this registration webpage, TAIEX is probably organising an event in or for your country, and you are probably a co-organiser with TAIEX for this event. If so, this site has been developed to help you to help us. We need to receive from you the full and complete details relating to officials from your country, who wish to attend this particular TAIEX workshop or seminar. Please do not fill the registration tool if not expressly requested by TAIEX, following the approval of your request

Please find here an easy way to help you to register participants to attend a TAIEX event. Providing TAIEX with this information is a minimum requirement for participants to attend an event, and for the TAIEX contractor to make the necessary logistical arrangements. To download the tool, you will need Microsoft Office Excel 2000 or Microsoft Office Excel 2003. Please click below and then click 'Save' it on your computer.

Click here to download the registration tool for Excel excel8book - 74 KB [74 KB]

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