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  • Slovenia and Croatia have agreed on how to address their bilateral issue on Ljubljanska Banka: » ...
  • Leaders are working towards reestablishing a normal functioning of the political institutions in the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia: » ...
  • Albania: Stefan Füle reacted on the decision to hold a referendum on EU-related reforms: » ...
  • Last Friday was International Women's Day. Learn more about gender equality in the labour market of EU & candidate countries: » ...
  • Any allegations about election irregularities in Montenegro need to be investigated: » ...
  • This month's theme: “Supporting the development of civil society”. Why Civil Society Organisations play a key role in EU integration. Join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter and learn more here.
  • 14.03.2013 Regional Housing Programme - 2nd Regional Coordination Forum, Zagreb
  • 26.03.2013 Presentation of the Spring 2013 Monitoring Report on Croatia, Zagreb

"I strongly encourage all Albanian politicians to find an agreement on how to proceed with the completion of the key measures, which are essential for Albania's candidate status", Stefan Füle


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