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The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - financial assistance

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - financial assistance under IPA II

Funding allocation 2014-2020:  € 664.2 million

The priority sectors for funding in this period are: 

  • Democracy & governance

Reforming the civil service (transparency, accountability, independence) centrally and locally; promoting decentralisation and local governance; implementing key parts of the Ohrid peace agreementpdf Choose translations of the previous link ; improving economic policy and public financial management; establishing democratic institutions; creating a strong civil society able to contribute to public debate (e.g. on democracy, human rights, social inclusion).

  • Rule of law & fundamental rights

Judicial reform; fighting corruption more effectively; respecting human rights (especially freedom of expression and of the media, and protecting minorities (e.g. the Roma and the LGBTI community); improving border management and implementation of visa, migration and asylum policies in line with EU law (acquis); completing police reforms and boosting the fight against organised crime.

  • Environment & climate action

Creating a cleaner environment; promoting sustainable growth; shifting to a low-carbon, climate-resilient and resource-efficient economy.

  • Transport

Developing a modern, well-connected transport network to support competitiveness and growth; making transport networks safer;  improving mobility in urban areas using green transport.

  • Competitiveness & innovation

Improving economic competitiveness; increasing productive investment, foreign direct investment; diversifying exports; creating conditions for sustainable economic growth and EU convergence; strengthening the business framework (legal and institutional), including by implementing EU single market law.

  • Social development

Supporting a more inclusive, effective labour market; increasing access to quality education and training, to better match skills with employers’ needs; establishing a modern, flexible social welfare system with greater social inclusion; strengthening professional organisations.

  • Agriculture & rural development

Encouraging more balanced development in rural areas; improving food safety standards;  making the farming and food production sector more competitive.

  • Regional and territorial cooperation

Encouraging good neighbourly relations; promoting socio-economic development in border areas.

How will these priorities be implemented? (general background on IPA).

Selected projects

For specific information (programme level), see below.

IPA 2014 - 2020 Action Programmes

IPA II 2014-2020: Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes

IPA 2007 - 2013 - programmes per component

Transition Assistance and Institution Building

One part of the assistance (Component I) focuses on implementing the main priorities of the European partnership. In particular it involves investment and measures aiming at institution building, as well as transition and stabilisation measures still necessary in the Western Balkans. It is delivered through annual national and multi-beneficiary programmes.

National programmes & Project fiches








The purpose of support under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) programme is to help candidate and potential candidate countries and territories – the Beneficiaries – to progress towards fully meeting the Copenhagen political and economic criteria as well as adopting and implementing the EU acquis. The Multi-beneficiary actions will complement and add value to the support given under the National Programmes.

Cross-Border Co-operation

The other part of the assistance (Component II) supports cross-border cooperation activities between the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and EU member states as well as with a potential candidate country, i.e. Albania. It also helps the country to participate in the European Territorial Co-operation trans-national programme 'South-East Europe'.

Cross-border co-operation programme with Member States


Multi-annual Cross-border co-operation programme with neighbouring Candidate or Potential Candidate Countries



Cross-border decisions


Operational Programme Regional Development


Human Resources Development Operational Programme


Agriculture and Rural Development Programme


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